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It improves the operation of your establishment

The diners themselves view the menu, place their order and request the bill from the platform.

Increase the rotation of your customers and increase their ticket

The easier it is to order, the more is asked. Because they can ask for the bill, more guests can come

Digitize your restaurant and improve thier experience

Schedule your offers and promotions and retain your customers with a personalized follow-up.

Do you want to know how ZERSTi can digitize your restaurant?

ZERSTi is a comfortable, intuitive and secure platform. All audiences can use it, your staff will have a better work tool. You will also be able to know the favorite dishes of your customers and retain them through promotions and specific offers

Customers view the menu through the QR of your tables. From there they place their order from the platform.

Your restaurant receives the order,
accept and prepare the command. Afterwards, the diner can ask you for the bill from their mobile and pay as usual

The diner accesses exclusive offers and discounts that you
you manage your menu.

A platform that helps you maintain social distancing and protect your customers and employees.

La Diavla

This new system allows us to offer our customers the menu in a much more attractive way, incorporating different promotions and offers automatically.»




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